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Companies and CEOs are being tested like never before. The external uncertainties and challenges and pace of change happening within industries, institutions, and businesses are unprecedented. As a result, communicators are under pressure to deliver more, quicker, and (much of the time) with the same – or less — resources. For many, it’s a constant tightrope act, balancing the tyranny of the urgent while maintaining focus and work on intentional, proactive positioning and programs around major moments and important initiatives. And on top of this, keeping employees connected, motivated, and rowing in the same direction.

Ways of Working

Advisory Services

I am an advisor to CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, and Corporate Affairs and Communications teams, augmenting existing strategies, building out entirely new programs, or navigating business challenges. This can be done as a one-time project or as ongoing counsel.

Fractional Chief Communications Officer

Many companies aren’t yet ready to invest in full-time senior-level in-house Communications leadership. Some companies simply need to fill a short-term gap. I can help. With this fractional model, I offer CEOs and Founders access to senior leadership – without the cost, time, and commitment of bringing in a full-time executive.

I work with my clients to match my services to their needs — both initially and as needs evolve. I help clients communicate with purpose, shape and protect what they are known for, and drive support and desired outcomes for their business and reputation priorities.

Strategic Communications Services

I help clients play offense and defense so they can drive a consistent narrative, engage employees, get in front of potential issues, and take credit for “wins”.

Offerings include:

  • Financial, reputation, employee engagement, and executive communications playbooks
  • Audience-focused goals, strategies, and execution plans to advance reputation or the business or support major moments
  • 1×1 coaching for senior leaders to enhance the impact of their presentations and investor and media conversations
  • Ongoing or “as needed” consulting to provide actionable perspective — on in-process ideas, messaging, or execution plans — to help clients maximize a major moment or navigate an issue

Communications Leadership Services

I provide guidance, insight, and operational rigor to help clients enhance their communications’ talent, team, and operations to ensure the function is set up for success.

Offerings include:

  • Operations assessments, benchmarking studies, and organizational strategy
  • 1×1 mentoring of in-house communications leaders
  • Recruiting and onboarding of new communications leaders
  • Agency and CommsTech partner strategy, running RFPs, and onboarding

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